What sound are you grateful for today? Sounds, songs and noises can trigger many memories, and even bring about a specific feeling. It’s one of the easiest ways to put yourself in a good mood, really. Generally, we think of music when we answer what sound we are thankful for. But digger deeper and really thinking of a specific sound can bring about such happier feelings.

I am thankful for a simple sound: the sound of typing on a keyboard.

Writing has always been one of my biggest passions. Whether it’s fiction, journal style or persuasive, I love it all. The sound of typing on a keyboard is so calming to me. I’m actually smiling right now as I’m typing this… so cheesy.

Today’s tip towards positivity is: Listen to the keyboard

Even if the sound you’re thankful for isn’t typing on the keyboard like me, figure out what sound it is and really focus on it. Maybe it’s the clock ticking, or the pitter patter of feet on a treadmill. Whatever it is, focus on it and really take it in. Close your eyes and listen intently on that specific sound and let the joy fill you.